Forever Manchester

Adopt a Bee & raise money for Forever Manchester

Our Adopt a Bee campaign is raising money in aid of Forever Manchester and the great work they do to support our Greater Manchester communities. 

Bees are a symbol of our Mancunian spirit to keep calm and carry on, even in the toughest of times. As we face another lockdown to stay safe, please support our Greater Manchester community by adopting a bee – why not adopt it for someone who has kept your spirits up in the last year? 

Forever Manchester raises money to fund and support more than 1,000 community projects across Greater Manchester each year. 

Fancy bee-coming an adoptive parent or gifting to the honey in your life? We’re home to more than 100,000 honey bees and four queen bees – so there’s more than enough!  

Head to our JustGiving page and you’ll make it onto our swarm of fame below. 

Here’s our newly adoptive bee parents!

Christina H


Katharine C

Joan and Bob Bee

Claire H

Bee-utiful Ellie

Val C

Bee positive


Hannah & Ian

Sara-Lauren Broughton

My bee will be called Bobby 🐝

Charlotte Jarvis

Adoption of five bees, names to be Callum, Cole, Bliss, Lennon and Minehead xxxxx

Sally Quinn

Jeffrey the bee

Rai and Kassidy

Queen Bee Gorticia


Can I adopt a queen bee for my mum, Jane and name the bee Beverley, in memory of her sister please. Merry Christmas 🙂


Sting adopted.

Stephanie Gunn

8 bees adopted- Bear, Dinky, Matilda, Higgins, Carr, Michelle, Ellen, Rachel


Named for Wendy, Layton, Hollie, Jaden, Zach, Ava, Eve, Amaya and Rain.

Tate Radford-Reid

Obee Wan Kanobee

Chlöe Banks

With love always x

Karen Kennedy

Best place in the World With Love Xxx

Claire Leaman

Please can I adopt a Queen Bee? Her name is Bee2Bee

Lola Dalfen

Please can I name my bee ‘Barnabee’ And my adoptive mum is Lola age 9

Keely Dalfen

Please can I have two bees 🐝 named Bill and Eunice

Anne-Marie Wadsworth

Please could I have two bees, names Mary and Alf. Thank you x


Queen bee please, Margot.

Ellie Sandiford

Please can a worker bee be called Blue.

Brent-James Pinder

Please can I have: Michael Bumblé, Raptchi, Myah, Preston-James.

Karen Mc

Please can I adopt a bee for my friend Lisa C, called Bloombee


Isobel, Happy Birthday! I here by gift you a lovely fluffy bee named BumBel xxxxxx

Ailsa Laverty

Four workers bees, please – Paul Laverty (Scottie), Cath Stobbart, Jack Stobbart and Philip Stobbart. Thanks! X


Adopt a Bee named Rachael Zahra

Rachel Walker

I’d like to adopt a 🐝 and call it Bella Gambee for my lovely friend Su Mace

Rachel Walker

I’d like to adopt a 🐝 for my amazing husband Andy Walker. I’d like to call his 🐝 Guy Garbee 😃

Su Mace

I’d like to adopt a 🐝 and call it MOONBEE for you beautiful friend Rachel Walker ♥️

Liz B

Five bees please – Maz, Kate, Ebby, Nor and Jose.

Pat B

I would love to adopt 3 🐝 please for my 3 fantastic grandchildren Lewis, Jessica and Olivia. Love you all lots x

Tracey Green

I’d like a adopt a bee for my lovely friend and call it Stephabee McCartney 🐝 ❤️

Angela Towers

I would like to sponsor a bee for Ellie Booth and I would like the bee to be called EllieBoo

Vickie Butcher

I would like to adopt 4 bee’s for The Butcher family called – Steve, Vic, Emily and Grace Butcher


I’d like to adopt 3 bees please… 1) Louise, Dave and Olivia Cooper xx 2) Kath and John Jaunbocus xx 3) Daniel and Claire Jaunbocus xx

Guy Whitehead

I’d like to adopt a bee and call It Mandy

Sofia Micklewright

Can I adopt 10 bees and call them collectively the Buzzbee Babes. Adopted by Sofia, Phil and Ivan


3 bees please for Kathryn Lindsay (Nana) Esme McHendry (Big Cousin) Alex Lindsay (Little Cousin)


4 bees please – Chris, Andy, Claire and Nataloe


Two bees please. One for my self (Paul) and one for Ben.


Hi can I adopt 5 bees and Call them Mary, Steve, Callum, Lucy and Andrew. Named after and adopted for my family x

Sally Sevens

I would love to name a bee (Bessy) for my daughter Meg Sevens x love you x

Lucy Pilkington

Three bees please – one each for me, my Mum, and my Dad. I’d like to name them: Honey Buzz Stripes

Helen Shaw

I’ve adopted 15 Can they bee called Hellybee Whatever Will fwellington Bee-witched Wanna-bee Liver Bee Burnley Bee Barbee Bertie Bee Beetroot Waspish Chazbee Jimbeem Rachbee CeeBee


I miss you Manchester but you always have a special place in my heart. AVC Lux 2020

Sarah Jane Hird

One bee please for myself called Mrs Hird

Scarlett Currie

Two bees. Please can they be called Patrycja and Scarlett. Thankyou!

Geraldine Harris

2 bees please, called Mildred and Patricia!

Helen Clayton

A Bee called Steve for my Dad x


Can I have a Queen Bee and name her Sting.

Erica Odonnell


Holly Atkinson

Please call this bee Dave, for my Grandad! Happy Birthday Grandad! xxx

Adrian Bibby

Two bees please Marcie and Reuben.

Paul Wilson

4 Bee’s please. Lukeyluke-adoptive parent Luke Quinn. Carlton-adoptive parent Carlton Quinn. Nicola-adoptive parent Nicola Bennett. Wilson-adoptive parent Paul Wilson.

Rachel Killeen

I’d like to adopt 4 bees: Parent: Ethan Killeen – Bee name: Herbert Parent: Freya Killeen – Bee name: Kiki Bee Parent: Lewis Killeen – Bee name: Buzzy Parent: Rachel Killeen – Bee name: Tier Bee

Barbara Williams

7 Bees please named after my grandchildren Liv, Fin, Barney, Luca, Asher, Quin and Una. They are all amazing just like bees.

Diane Knowles

Please name the bee Jack after my dad

Tracey Green

I’d like to adopt a bee for one of my best friends and call it Bee-ter O’Horan 🐝

Pete Horan

I would like to name my bee after my very good pal who has looked out for me since I became ill. I wish to name my bee Tracey Scrogg-bee.

Pete Horan

I would like the name my bee Abbie for my top niece on her 18th birthday

Pete Horan

I would like to name my bee after my mint niece Josie and call it Jose-bee. Merry Christmas.

Frank Rimmer

Can our 🐝 be named Molly please? My amazing daughter was born in Wythenshawe hospital and accidentally but cooly has the initials MCR Molly Catherine Rimmer

Bernie HH

Dan Healiss Dan-Bee Beeliss x

Bernie HH

Barbara Holness. 🐝 Marl-E-Bee 💕

Bernie HH

Sally Larkin 🐝 Salbee 🤩

Pete Horan

Please name my bee Jim in memory of my friend Rachel Hicklin’s dad. Thanks.


Two bees Winter and Babaloo

Annalyse Corlyon-Goudeau

I’d like to call my bee Deborah after my lovely Mum! 🐝 Deborah means “Bee” in Hebrew 🍯 Happy Christmas Mum! 🎄 Love Annalyse Corlyon-Goudeau

ERM Christmas Challenge winners

We would like to adopt a Queen Bee please called Bee-y McBeeface. and 6 bees. The bees to be called David, Ruth, Suzanne, Megan, Al and Charlie please. ERM Christmas party challenge winners!

Holly & Pete

Nina Bee


Five bees for Susan Andrews. Sophie, Kynan, Dregon, Kayleigh & Claire

Tim Healiss

Four bees: My brave brother in law Pete: Chestybee, my lovely dad: The Donbee, my brilliant son Dannybee and my still amazing wife Berniebee.

Bernie HH

For Drena Cully my dearest friend. 🐝 Beena Bee 💕


I would like to name my bee Aurora

Thomas Warham

Buying the family something small but very useful this Christmas. Bees named: Gepke, Chris, Josh, Jim, Tom, Natt, Mike, Janice , Elle, Matt , Helen, Oli, Alex, Will, Harry.

Pingy and Keiff

Tony Boyle

Two Bees – Bee Ayve & Fee Bee

Lee Anderson

5 Bees adopted for a special Birthday for Rob. Bee names: ‘Bee Arthur’, ‘Lula Bee’, ‘Beexter’, ‘Lolly Beetrice’ and ‘XRobBee’

Rob Willetts


Siobhan Madeley

Buzz Lightyear

Paul Johnson

Name of bee- BIG daddy

for Luke. 😀

Marijuana Pepsi Jackson III

Lisa knight

On behalf of my late dad I would like to name my bee William Edward Norton



Charlotte Freeman

Bertie Bee for my sister Charlotte 🐝

Alex Michael

Please name my bee Alex Michael


Lovely idea to support the bees 🙂

Pagan Eastlake

Please name our bee The East Stinger


Happy Lockdown 21st Birthday. Samuel Callum Maximilian Burnett-Bee is still buzzing around Manchester on your behalf. Xx


Sonny Rex B Julian Jr.

Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain

Bee name – Lavender Adoptive parent – Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain

Heather Neillans

Obi-Wan Kenobee

Nic Shaw

Please name our Bees: Queen Bea Bea Turner Bea-nardo


Please name my bee Annie after my mum who is a beekeeper herself and is passionate about bees 🐝

Jessica Lloyd

This for my friend Jessica Lloyd for her “Year of the 40th” Bee name Bowie Bee 🐝

Megan Banks-Carr

Bee No.1 – Willow Bee No.2 – Edna Bee No. 3 – Jack

Amy Carver

This is for my friend Amy Carver for her 40th Birthday bee name ….Carver for her little boy

Ollie Petrovic

Mr Bee-n

Suzanne Donovan

Save the bees!

Nadine Wright and John Cosgrove

Great idea we would love to adopt a bee named “Indiana” after our little boy Indy. 🐝🍯


Please name our bees – Rumble, Morgan Beeman, Beetrix, Beeyonce, , Bumbledore


Bee 1: Tom Bee 2: Dick Bee 3: Harry On behalf of my Dad.

Rowan W

Bee name – Grogu Bee owner – Daniel G Bee name – Rowan Jr Bee owner – Rowan W


For Claire…the hardest working worker bee I know 🎓 🐝 xxxx


Barry B. Benson John and Hannah


3 x Bee names: Woody Teece Little Woody


Please can the new adoptive father of a bee be named as Daniel Pope.

Mathew Rimmer

I’m adopting a bee for my sister Jessica ‘Tink’ Rimmer the bee shall be named Tink

Roseanne silverton


Adopting 2 Bees – E-Dogg and Bebiere

Amelia Lowings

1 bee called Beasley – after my friend Kate, we all miss you very much x

Rosie MacPhail

Bee name – Bowie Adopter name – Samantha Westwater Peers

Laura Thompson


We’ve named ours: The Gifter Bee 🐝 – – – , named after our giftbox company. It’s official – she exists!! Thanks guys. Keep the great work up 💛


We’d like to name our bees Aragorn (adoptive parent = Daniel Hitchings) and Arwen (adoptive parent = Jessica Tresadern).

Lee + Lisa Stafford



Name: Baby Nicotine Parents: Maria del Mar and Julia

Digital Bees from The Co-operative Bank

Digital Bees from The Co-operative Bank

Dan Lever

Bee’s name – Hope Adopter – Dan Lever

Amelia Jane

Wonderful venture! Bee names Peter for Tracey Wendy for Amelia Queeny for Meg Beatrix for Abbey Buzz for Emma Best Wishes!

Hayley stubley

Adopted for Sophia McNeill – named Neil

Albus Bumbledore


Adoptive Parent – Kelly Simkiss Name of Bee – Kelly Simkiss

Megan Bird

Bees “Barry” & “Benson” after the bee movie! Adoptive parent is Megan Bird

M Rigby

Two bees from me and Jo (extra money to pay for their college fund for when they grow up) One Bee will be called Mr Potato Second Bee will be called Itty Beetty


Name: Sausage on the stairs 🐝

Vincent Butcher


Please name the bee Jamie C


Bee’s name: Superbee Adoptive Parent’s name: Nate Bull

Rachel T

Two bees to be named Han + Leia. Adopter names Ajmal + Rachel

Sophie Knapper

Bee name: Mr Buzzington Adoptive parent: Sophie Knapper

Becky Colley

Bee-yonce and Bee-hanna, adopted for Andrea and Sarah Colley <3

Sarah Stanton

The name of my bee is Moo The Bee

Gina Nelson

Gina Nelson

I hope this money helps out a worthy cause. I name my bee- ‘Beena’ as suggested by a friend.

Andrea Colley

Happy 🐝 Beeday to Emma

Jo Grounds


Ozzie Elton John Travolta


Beeeeyoncé Bee queen of the hive for Gretchen Weiners xxx.

Megan Ellis-Nock

Bee names: Bert & Ernie


Adoptive bee’s name – Diamond Adoptive parent – Madison


‘Baroness Bee’ – Linda Porter ‘Naughty Bee’ – Cathie Clay ‘Em Bee Ay’ – Fanny Moop




Barry the bee for Nic

Nicole Podger

A bee named “taroni” in memory of nanny for my baby Jed Lea ✨

Ami Baythoon

Thelma and Louise


Buzz Bertie Aldrin (aka Fuzzy Buzzy) Adopted by Dan and Vibhaa

Liv & Kate

For our new baby Bee-trice, love mum and mum Liv & Kate xxxxxxxx

Heather P

Bee name: Duncan Parents: Heather & Neil


Please could our bees be named : Paul Honey (matts bee) Bambam Bee (Laura’s bee)


Bee name: Eric Bee parent: Andrew Murray


1 Mr Morris 2 Mrs Morris 3 Lizbett Bee 4 Jeremy BEEdle


Bee Name: Silly Bee-ch Lucy Cowgill & Jonny Emmott


My bee will be called Annie Bo-Bannie

Katie MacKissack

Abeille, adopted by Katie MacKissack


Please name my bee Deirdre and keep up the great work!


Name: George Beesley – Adopted for Charlotte Baugh


Rigatoni the bee – adopted for Claire and Kirsty


Name: Barack Obeema – Adopted for Hannah Doughty

Tara and Matthew

Bee name is Percy

Oliver Charnock

I would like to have my bees named Beenardo Silva and Rúben Beeas. Keep up the top work!

Richard Lister


Beth Sherwin

Please can I name my adopted Bee ‘Kevin De Beeyne’ 💙 🐝

Carl Pace

Please call my bee “Bennett”

Alison Vere

Robeerto and Rebeeca – for Alex and Zara

Liz G H

Keep being busy, bees!


Great work! I’d like to adopt Buzz Aldrin and Ethel.




Can our bee be named Unity please. My Y4 class are learning all about our amazing city… Manchester

Lisa Abbott

Please name my Polli and the bee is for Alisha Mae Abbott.


Sunflower-Rhianna Scott Buzzy-Jack Bacon

adam smith

2x Bees: Kevin Bee Bruyne – for Lewis Turner, Bruno – for Olivia Turner



Please name my bee: Katerina Sophia Derosa BEE

Samm Barlow

Bee Name: BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Adoptive Parent: Danielle Johnston

Clair Hibbert

Buzby – for Mrs H Queen B – for Kate Constance – for Ruth Buzz Lightyear – for Thomas Bumble – for Chloe

Jonny Pennington


David Williams

1 bee named Pearl Ivy adopted for Pearl Ivy Williams


Parent Martha Richardson Name of Bees Ricko. Shoegirl Patricia III Bee the Best Willow


Bee name: Shel-bee Adopted by: Abi and Gail

Emmanuelle Pennarun

Adopting one and calling her Winnie the Bee


Name for the bee: Barnabee


I’d like to adopt Loobeeloo


Call my bee Jeff please

Sarah & Des

Beecause you will always bee Forever Manchester (& Salford) XX


Name of bee: Jim Adopter: Jade

Hannah Hodgson

Name of Bee: Bee Happy 1 of five bees adopted for my number ones.

Nina & Mort

Please name our bee ‘Chilupa Beeman’ – adopted by Nina S and Mort M


Buzzy Bee Danielle Murray


Keep safe everyone

Lucy Evans

Will Owen


Bee names are Buzzy (adopted by Eliza) and Beeyonce (adopted by Isla).


Bees name Joey (adoptive parent name Elliott)

Nicole Scott

On the occasion of your 50th Birthday – Chris Fielding-Martin here is your Liverpool FC bee team: Rob🐝 Fowler, Bruce Grob🐝laar, Jan Mol🐝, Na🐝 Keita – Happy Birthday! Love from The Scott 🥳


Niobee – Jude, Trilbee – Mike, Beelzebub – Laura, Balthazar – Richard, Bernardo – Sophie, Beetie – Chris