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The pumpkin lanterns have filled the City’s trees once again and Printworks is excited to get in the spooky spirit of it all…👻

That’s right – the Witching Hour is upon us… It’s that time of the year where everything ghoulish and gorey is trending again. We’ve got our best withered flowers out, we’ve not dusted all the cobwebs, and we’ve let the demons run amuck! From our restaurants & bars to our play venues and more – all are decorating with a haunting Halloween vibe and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Some may take you to a creepy carnival full of horrors, some may take you down memory lane – It’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus after all! 🧙‍♀️🦇🎃

No Tricks, just Treats!

Well, it wouldn’t be Halloween if there weren’t a few spooky spins on some classic treats and, of course, Printworks is no exception to this unwritten rule! From Gooey-Guts Cookie Dough, curtesy of Frankie & Benny’s, to frightening Franken-steins from Bierkeller!

For Family Friendly…

Frankie & Benny’s will be devilishly decorated throughout the spooky season with staff dressing up over the Halloween weekend too! They’ll also be bringing back the Halloween-themed colouring pages that covered the wall last year, after so many trick-or-treaters loved seeing their works of art displayed so proudly! They have also partnered with Scooby Doo for Scoobtober to create some fun kids activities, including a design-your-own spooky hat!

This year, between 28th-30th October, the kids can even enjoy a tasty Halloween booo-nie, (that’s brownie in ghost talk!) as part of the kids menu. It comes with kiwi and strawberry sauce and even has 2 mini marshmallow eyes! But don’t worry, the grown-ups won’t be left out, there’s some treats for you too. Try the Gooey Guts Hot Cookie Dough with kiwi sauce, strawberry sauce and chocolate pumpkin popcorn. And to sip on, there’s the Spookito Cocktail. A classic refreshing Mojito with a gorey twist – it’s served with a syringe full of blood! Well, actually it’s just grenadine, but you can still try to convince the kids that you really are a vampire! 🧛

Hard Rock Cafe is hosting a Lil’ Monsters Ball to celebrate all things Hallowed… Get ready for the best family Halloween event in the city! On Sunday 30th October, Hard Rock Cafe are expecting all the tricksters to come down for some morning treats! The Ball will take place between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and they want to see all your best Halloween costumes! That includes you too, adults – we know you secretly want to dress up! There will be a breakfast buffet, to keep the hunger demons at bay, as well as Face-painting to complete your Halloween costume, all together with a whole haunted house of ghoulish games to play. Book your tickets to this monstrous event before you miss out on a hell of a good time!

Just for the Grown-Ups…

O’Neill’s are extending their 2 for £10 Cocktails offer over the Halloween weekend to include Friday 28th-3oth October, so drink up, witches! Why not get in the spirit and try the Spookito cocktail? You can go for the classic Bacardi Spooky-Mojito or add a fruity flavour of Passionfruit, Strawberry or Raspberry. These ones are 2 for £11 so you can mix it up and try all the flavours! Or maybe you’d be interested in a Dead Man’s Finger? It’s actually Mango Tequila and, trust us, it’s a tasty shot! You can get 4 for only £8 all weekend too – that’s nearly a full Dead Man’s hand! With decorations going up the week before and the team even carving their own pumpkins, O’Neill’s will be quite the creepy setting for your evening. There’ll be their live resident artists & DJ playing scarily good bangers all night long, so book a table and pre-order your drinks packages as this party is not one to be missed!

Yates is celebrating the whole Hallo-week with some Fantastic Offers & Entertainment! From Monday 24th – Monday 31st October they are going all out to provide some terrifyingly good entertainment and unmissable offers. With a fully (and frighteningly) decorated bar, you’ll get to pick your poison from the NEW Ghoulish Monster Shots and Limited-Edition Halloween Cocktails!

Bierkeller have created a monster! The mad scientists have been experimenting with different parts from their cocktails and now Franken-stein lives! For only £10.95 you can tame this cocktail monster, available all day every day between 24th-31st October.

Do you want to Play a Game?

Halloween isn’t just for the candy, you know – it’s all about the scares! Whether it’s a horror movie that will have you jumping out of your seat, or a real-life time pressure that will test your cool in a frightening scenario…

Escape Reality has a whole plethora of escape rooms, some of which are on the scarier side! Imagine you have suddenly awoken to discover that you have been locked inside a room of complete darkness with no recollection of how you found yourselves in this situation. Your captor (who happens to be a serial killer on the loose) has devised a series of games to test how much strength you have in order to save your own lives. Sound like fun to you? Try the Enigmista escape room to see how you fair in these bone-chilling tests.

Maybe you’re a bit of a medium and would jump at the chance to speak to the spirits? Then The Asylum might be just right for you. Rolling Hills Asylum became a derelict building after closing its doors 50 years ago. Rumour has it spirits were left behind and continue to roam the halls. You have broken into the derelict asylum to see if the rumours are in fact true. After feeling uneasy once inside you attempt to leave but you have lost your way – can you escape from this abandoned asylum before the spirits that remain there capture you!

How about a bit of a change and instead you and your friends head off on holiday to a remote village in Europe. Let’s set the scene now; After a short walk in the forest, you spot a run-down old cabin that stands alone in the cold air. You step inside to find the cabin empty. The door suddenly slams closed behind you and locks, trapping you inside. Mysterious figures in black hoods begin to emerge from the trees. They are all members of a strange cult devoted to bringing a demon back into this world. For this to happen, your sacrifice is required. You don’t have much time to see if you can stop The ritual!


Vue Cinema will be showing some classic anniversary specials as well as all the latest scary films! With the 10th Anniversary of Paranorman, the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the 40th Anniversary of The Thing, there’s a scary film for every age this Halloween. But if you love a harrowing horror and enjoy a good jump-scare or two, then the latest releases might be more up your Elm Street. There’s plenty to choose from too; Halloween Ends, Smile, Orphan: First Kill, Poltergeist, Barbarian, and Prey for The Devil. You could even try to watch all of them this Halloween – if you dare!


Late Night Frights!

For all those nocturnal creatures out there, including all the vampires and witches, it’s time for some late-night frights! It’s your worst nightmare mixed with your favourite music & entertainment! Full Halloween costumes are highly encouraged throughout this demonic weekend, and you may even be rewarded for your commitments to the dark side…

Bingo Balls are hosting their first ever Halloween Event on Saturday 29th October and it’s all gonna be a bunch of Hocus Pocus! Yes, the witching hour is upon us, and Bingo Balls has definitely succumbed to the spell of Halloween, but do you think you can handle the late-night frights? If you have already been to one of these epic nights, then you’ll know all about the thousands of balls in their huge ball pit, the delicious cocktails on offer, and the best local DJs and entertainers in Manchester! They will be casting spells from 7pm-2am with Empower Entertainment with this Starstruck Saturdays Hocus Pocus Edition – bringing you some tricks, some treats and everything in between!

So grab your ‘sistahhhs!’ and drink up, witches! It’s sure to be a bewitching night, full of surprises…what might be lurking in the ball pit? Book your ticket and find out!


Cargo is celebrating Halloween with a Night in the Circus on Saturday 29th October – be prepared for the fright of your life from the moment you walk through the red curtains! From 10pm – 5am you will be on edge all night, with jump-scares, horror experiences and a vault of illusions. Are you brave enough to spend a night in the Cargo Circus? With drinks from only £2, I’m sure a little Dutch courage will help! But let’s not forget, it’s going to be the ultimate Halloween rave! They are expecting all ravers to dress for the occasion too with the Best fancy dress rewarded a FREE booth & bottle of fizz!

Surely, that alone will tempt you into the circus? There’ll be plenty of drinks deals, immersive entertainment and live performers too! Penny wise might be lurking but don’t be scared, head to Cargo for a psychedelic trip into the fun house and book your tickets now.

The Walkabout is opening their doors to the Carnival of Horrors from 24th-31st October so Roll Up, Roll Up! They’ll be putting on quite a show with a Captain Morgan inspired mini menu and, to prove they aren’t clowning around, they’ve created some exclusive cocktails for you to enjoy this Halloween too…

Quench your thirst with these carnival-themed cocktails including The Zombie Strongman, The Evil Snakecharmer, and The Killer Clown!

Want to get a little dangerous? Ignite your night with a Ring of Fire – six shots of the devilishly delightful Fireball Whiskey! You’ll feel like a true demon after all that fire! With all this going on, it would be a Grave mistake to miss out…so book your table now!

We want to see everyone’s most Horrifying Halloween Costumes this year so be sure to tag us in your Scary Selfies when you visit @mcrprintworks this Hallo-week! 👻🧙🧛💀