Halloween Treats!

The Spooky season is upon us…

No Tricks, just Treats! From classic thrills to psychedelic trips, head to Printworks this Halloween!

Something wicked this way comes! At Printworks, we’ve got haunted happenings for all ages and bravery levels! No matter what your preference, chilled out horror, frightened stiff, or nightmare-inducing thrills, there’s the perfect scare for everyone…

Devilish Decorations 😈

We’re all getting in the spirit with decorations galore! Whether there’s a specific theme throughout or simply all things Halloween, our Printworks venues are setting the scene for the haunted weekend that is to come. They’ve even got the staff to dress accordingly and expect customers to do the same!

Tomb of Gloom!

Walkabout are welcoming you to the eeriest weekend of the year, full of chills and thrills as they celebrate in true Walkabout Manchester style. From 25th-31st Oct, you’ll be transported to the Tomb of Gloom for an unforgettable Halloween – oh and don’t forget to dress to distress! Get ready to haunt the night with your sinister style and don your most hair-raising attire – have you got what it takes to be the scariest, unique, blood-curdling customer at Walkabout? If  you do, you could be crowned Best Dressed with the winners receiving two tickets for Bongos Bingo, a bottle of Southern Comfort and eternal damnation! So get out the face paints and fake blood to step up your dressing-up game for your chance to win!

Frightful Films 😱

Horror fans, assemble! It’s officially autumn, which means it’s officially time to scare yourself silly. And Vue can help with that! From creepy demon children and cackling witches to nightmarish clowns and machete-wielding madmen, they’re bringing a whole bunch of horror classics back to the big screen. Check out the horrifying Halloween line-up below.

  • The Exorcist | 50th Anniversary What better way to get yourself in the mood for spooky season than with a bit of head twisting and projectile vomiting? The original, demonically possessed child is back to kickstart your Halloween.
  • Christine | 40th Anniversary It’s that age-old story of boy meets car. A nerdish boy buys a strange car with an evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.
  • Hocus Pocus They say all good things come in threes, but they clearly weren’t talking about the Sanderson sisters… The wicked trio are back (again) to feast on some delicious children, and look fabulous whilst doing so. We knew we shouldn’t have lit that black candle…
  • IT: Chapter One It wouldn’t be Halloween without a visit from a certain nightmare hell clown, would it? Yes, Pennywise will be back to feast on your darkest fears, which, to be honest, is probably Pennywise himself. We’ll be showing the first chapter of this rebooted horror classic – you know, the one where they’re all kids.
  • The Lost Boys You better get yourself a garlic T-shirt, because The Lost Boys are making their big return. In this blood-thirsty classic, California newbies Michael and Sam find themselves sucked into a world of vampire bikers – one of which just happens to look like a young Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Friday the 13th CH CH CH AH AH AH… You hear that? That’s the sound of a bloke in an ice hockey mask with a massive machete coming to get you. When it comes to good old fashioned slashers, nothing beats the original Friday the 13th.

There’s even more horrors this October too with a host of new releases that either continue the nightmare or bring you something brand new to fear! So head to the big screen for some big thrills this Halloween, after all, it’s better when we scream together…

Creepy Cocktails 🐍

Pick your poison! We’ve got plenty Halloween-themed drinks brewing at Printworks, both delicious and deadly! It’s the perfect way to start your wicked weekend…

Black Widow 

Beware! The Black Widow has arrived at Treetop Adventure Golf! Face your fears with this macabre mocktail, crafted by Matt from Treetop Leicester. Pineapple juice, shaken with blood orange, blackberry, vanilla and lime. Topped with The Black Widow’s web. Add some venom and turn this mocktail into a chilling cocktail by adding Stoli Vodka.

Venomous Tipple

Slither to the dark side with a taste of the wickedly delightful Venom cocktail at Walkabout. You could beat the frenzy and pre-book a pitcher & shots package for you and your goulish gang! Enjoy two pitchers of Venom cocktail and six classic shots for just £35 – now that’s a real treat!

Pun-beliveable Poisons

How about sipping on some spooky cocktails served by the undead at O’Neill’s? Try the limited-edition Bacardi cocktails including the Zombie, Draquari and Spookito (see what they did there?). Or take your chances with the limited edition Twisted Shot – it’ll give you the Heebie Jeebies! All the O’Neill’s team will be dressing up for that added atmosphere so don’t forget to compliment them on their costumes, or they’ll curse your cocktail!

Pitchers & Shots

Head to Wetherspoon from 12th – 31st Oct and you can summon some devilish drinks deals! They’ve got cocktail pitchers at 2 for £15 so why not try each of their Halloween Specials… First out of the witches’ cauldron is the Venom cocktail pitcher – a devilish mix of Southern Comfort, WKD Blue and orange juice (no eye of newt in this one). Or rise like the dead with a Zombie made with The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan White, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, lemonade, and lime. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble with double shots too – any 2 for £7.20! Double up on classics like Baby Guinness & Jammy Dodger or try a delicious shot of Zombie Brain! Straight from the graveyard this one’s made from Archers peach schnapps layered with Baileys and grenadine to resemble a brain in a shot glass.

Petrifying Parties 💀

Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead! With full-on themes and any excuse to dress up, we’ve got celebrations for every monster, ghoul and demon this Halloween…

What’s that lurking in the ball pit?

It’s a bloody good time! Bingo Balls are bringing you a Halloween weekend with a twist, so don’t be scare, dive right in! Starting off on Friday 27th October with Music Bingo: Halloween Edition, bringing you some tricks, some treats and everything in between. Then it’s on to a special Starstruck Saturday with a Twist on Saturday 28th October. If last year’s Halloween shenanigans are anything to go by, there’ll be scarily-good entertainment, along with Sing-along anthems, classic chart toppers and floor fillers, not to mention a delicious new drinks menu sure to feature a spooky cocktail or two…

Fancy a psychedelic trip into the fun house?

Penny wise might be lurking but we’re not scared! Don’t miss out on the ultimate Halloween rave at Cargo! On Saturday 28th October it’s the Halloween Edition Manifest Party with drink deals, Cargo Cam, crazy lights, confetti, immersive entertainment and live performers! There’s 3 rooms of varying music styles to choose from too – for all the ravers, make your way to the Vault for the ultimate clubbing experience! Not your scene? Get lost within the glitter walls, grab the mic and sing along in the Bunker, or visit the Locker for a little intimacy and wave your lights in the air! With over 2000 trick-or-treaters expected to knock at Cargo’s door, this is sure to be one of the biggest parties in Manchester!

Get the little ones in the spooky spirit!

Hard Rock Cafe are hosting their annual Lil’ Monster’s Ball – a Halloween breakfast bash! And this year it’s so popular they’ve added a second date! The Lil Monsters ball will be on Saturday 28th Oct from 8:30am – 10:30am & Sunday 29th October from 9am – 11am. There’ll be a buffet breakfast, with spooky games, a face painter, balloon artist and Halloween treats. Dressing up is fully encourage from both kids and adults alike! Tickets are flying off the shelf though so don’t miss a trick (and a treat) and get booked in now!

So dust off your dressing up box and get into the Halloween Spirit with Printworks!

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