Enemy (2021)

Chozhan, son of a local shopkeeper son in Ooty hates his yearly holidays because of his father who keeps him away from anything that has even a small element of risk in it. He meets his new neighbour and classmate Rajiv and his father Paarirajan, who is straight opposite to his father. Pari trains his son to become a police officer like him. Chozhan noticing this gets excited and starts to train along with Rajiv under Parirajan, until one day both their life turns upside down when Paari gets murdered. Afraid and unable to handle the cops Ramalingam decides to leave Ooty with Chozhan. Years later, Chozhan hiding the talent and skillset he has, runs a supermarket in Singapore Tamil Community for his father’s happiness. He helps people in his community whenever they are in need, without his father’s knowledge. Chozhan's skill set is put to test when a bomb blast happens in the Tamil Community killing people close to him. The investigation into the blast leads Chozhan to the crossroads of a smart and methodical killer for hire. Who is the killer? What happens when the killer and Chozhan meet face to face? The friendship that he thought ended 25 years back is back in his life and this time not as a friend but as an “ENEMY.” 

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