Hey Duggee at the Movies

Featuring eight fun-filled episodes including:

The River Badge
The Submarine Badge
The History Badge
The Shape Badge
The Honey Badge
The Cardboard Box Badge
The Spooky Badge
The Puddle Badge


Duggee has a package that needs delivering right at the other end of the river, and a long way from the clubhouse. It looks like the squirrels are going to have a day out on the boat.
Good job Duggee has his River badge!
Off they go on their river adventure and before long they’re spotting lots of different animals. 
It’s so busy that Duggee and the squirrels have to work as a team to navigate the boat through what becomes a very busy day on the river. Will they manage to deliver the parcel, and who is it for?
More importantly what’s inside the package!


It’s a day out; Duggee and the squirrels are off on an underwater adventure with Betty’s dad in his submarine. They see all the wonders of the underwater world, including a giant sea stallion and some jazz fish. And to the squirrels, all those coloured buttons that work the submarine are JUST as interesting as what is outside. Betty’s dad has a tricky time amusing the squirrels. Thank goodness for the school of fish!


Betty is reading a story out loud to the other Squirrels that is set “a long, long time ago”. How long ago is that? The Squirrels wonder. Well, it’s everything that’s ever happened, explains the narrator – and it’s called history. The Squirrels are excited to learn about it, and luckily Duggee has his History Badge – and a home-made time machine – to give them a very interactive lesson all about it! The Squirrels go on a whistle stop tour through time and encounter all manner of characters, from prehistoric naughty monkeys to pirates of the high seas, and Isaac Newton to Shakespeare, ‘inspiring’ everyone as they go… History is FUN – but eventually it’s time to go home and collect their History Badges. Well done Squirrels!


It’s a lovely day and the squirrels are playing outside. They’re playing the Shape game.
Working out which shape goes where is quite tricky.
When it starts to rain the squirrels have to hurry to find each animal a dry place but working out which animal goes where is a question of SHAPE. Who fits where? 
Can Roly work out where ladybird goes before it’s too late and they all get very wet?


Duggee’s made some delicious pancakes but the clubhouse is out of honey.
Time for the bees to get busy!
Duggee and the squirrels visit the beehive to get some more honey, but there’s no honey there either, and the honey bees need to deliver in time for the Queen Bees tea.
Oh no! The bees won’t be able to land unless the squirrels tidy their toys off the runway
Hurrah up squirrels!


Duggee gets a delivery, which arrives in a BIG cardboard box. The squirrels discover that cardboard boxes can be very interesting. Roly makes a car out of one, Tag makes a tunnel then all the squirrels make the biggest cardboard castle you’ve ever seen. They dress up as brave knights in cardboard costumes but when they get to their castle they discover it is already occupied… by those naughty mice!


The Squirrels are playing dress up when they hear a ghostly sound.  They can see that something has spooked the chickens, so they stop what they are doing to investigate.  They come across several different items, such as white powdery/ghostly footprints and then they spot a floating sheet. What is going on? The squirrels will have to take the long way round if they want to catch whatever it is… When the angry bull gets spooked too everyone gets caught up in a frantic chase scene…can Duggee and the squirrels get to the bottom of this spooky tale? 


Happy comes across a very questionable looking puddle which he wants to splash in. Unaware to Happy the puddle is home to tiny citizens who are going about their daily lives. That’s until a large shadow casts upon them caused by a monster – Happy. 
When the Squirrels see Happy about to step into the smelly puddle they question if he should play in it. Duggee explains to the Squirrels that the puddle is smelly because of the algae which grows in it and attracts lots of little creatures. 
Meanwhile in Midgetroplis the citizens are trying to escape before the monster attacks. Military are now involved who try and attack. But, no luck! Next, they seek help from a scientist who advises them to show the monster love and not hate. They send one of their pilots to deliver a heart shape smoke to show their message of love. Luckily, Happy has realized that the puddle does smell, and it is probably for the best that he doesn’t play in it. The midges celebrate the departure of the monster and love!

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