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Masha and the Bear on the Big Screen

Christmas Carol It's always important to remember who your friends are. Masha is almost ready for Christmas and the gifts, when ghosts of the past visit her. Masha has to answer a difficult question: how to keep old friends in chase of Christmas desires?A Ghost StoryFor the first time in her life Masha is frightened in earnest, however this creepy story shook up the whole forest and now hardly anyone can stay away from these strange scenes! And what would you do if your own pillow and blanket turn into real ghosts?! A real ghost story, oh yeah!Fishy StorySummer is a time of rest and miracles. How nice is it just to sit on the river bank with your best friends! However, everything is not so simple in our story. The Bear didn't even suspect what kind of adventure he was going to find on his fishing trip. While Masha and She-Bear are frightened by his sudden disappearance, explore the neighborhood, he… however, you will find out everything yourself in our new episode.Monkey BusinessNo child likes to live by the rules: clean up after themselves, learn, do homework in time… It's much more interesting to go on a fun adventure with new friends. But how will such a tempting journey end? In this new episode, Masha decides to quit her previous life and… disappears! Will the Bear find her? Watch to find out!God Save The QueenMasha dreams of royal life. She wants a luxurious palace and a chic car. She dreams to give orders and that all forest creatures execute them. She dreams to rule. Will these dreams come true and what does it really mean to live like a king? Watch and find out in the new episode.All The World's A StageThe best remedy for boredom is a good game. And a good play is even better. That is exactly what our friends decided. It's just not so easy to agree on what kind of play to stage…Around The World In One DayThe Bear is preparing to go on a world trip, but a last minute accident makes him panic. In the meantime, Masha knows the best way to prepare for the trip and shares it with the Bear.

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