Timmy’s Cinema Adventure: Christmas Edition

This cinema experience for the whole family features five favourite Timmy Time episodes and a special Christmas treat! Plus there are some fun activities to join in and some very catchy songs for your little lambs to sing and dance along to. 

The episodes shown as part of this special event are: 

While playing in the snow, Timmy makes a little snowball. He loves his snowball and won’t be separated from it and when Osbourne tells him he can’t bring inside, he sneaks it in anyway – only to be left devastated when it is mysteriously replaced by a pool of water.

It’s a wintery day at the Nursery and Timmy discovers some strange, large footprints in the snow! Convinced there is a monster on the loose, the brave little lamb and his friends set off around playground to hunt for the mysterious creature…

It’s Christmas Eve and Timmy and his friends are busy playing in the snow and making decorations. When it’s time to go home they discover they are snowed in and will have to stay at the Nursery – it’s a sleepover! But will Santa know where to find Timmy and his friends if they are not in their beds at home?  

Yabba is building a fantastic snowman, but Timmy thinks he can do better – Yabba may have one hat on her snowman, but Timmy’s has six! And Timmy goes one step further to keep his snowman warm and cosy.  

Everyone is excited when the snowy playground means that Timmy and his friends can have fun sliding around. But Kid keeps falling over and isn’t having much fun. He’s about to give up completely when Timmy finds an ingenious way to help.

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Upcoming showings:

Monday 29th November

Tuesday 30th November

Wednesday 1st December

Thursday 2nd December

Saturday 4th December

Sunday 5th December

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