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Timmy’s Cinema Adventure

Join Timmy and his friends for a whole hour of fun in Timmy's first amazing adventure on the big screen! This brand-new cinema experience for the whole family features six favourite Timmy Time episodes and follows the gang on a very special trip to the seaside. Plus there are some very catchy songs for your little lambs to singalong and dance to. The episodes shown as part of this special event are: FIREMAN TIMMYTimmy and Yabba make a fire engine out of an old cardboard box, but their efforts to help their friends as they play firemen cause more problems than they solve. But when they spot Bumpy stuck in a tree they finally get the chance to prove themselves.STICKY TIMMYHarriet shows Timmy and his friends how to make a collage. But Timmy gets glue all over himself and soon the various items that the classmates have collected are stuck all over his fleece. Worse is still to come when Yabba discovers that her prize feather is missing…TIMMY'S SEASIDE RESCUEIt's the Nursery's first ever coach trip and Timmy and his friends are off to the seaside! But while everyone is busy having fun on the beach, Timmy's teddy and Bumpy are swept out to sea. They need a hero to rescue them – and Timmy's the lamb for the job!TIMMY CAN'T DANCEHarriet is teaching the class how to dance to Hawaiian music, but Timmy just cannot get into the groove! Until he discovers a passion for hip-hop music and wows his friends with his break-dancing moves.BABY TIME TIMMYMittens is playing at being a mummy and wants Timmy to be the baby in her makeshift pram. Being a baby can be fun – especially when everyone spoils you rotten! But when Timmy finds that babies don't play football, his enthusiasm starts to wane…TIMMY THE HEROTimmy's imagination is sparked when he reads a superhero book and he turns into Super Timmy! He is desperate to save the day but his efforts aren't always appreciated. But when Bumpy finds himself in a spot of trouble, Super Timmy comes to the rescue.

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    Wednesday 30th September

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