Manchester in film and TV

If you miss seeing the streets of Manchester buzzing and filled with people, we’ve got an easy and safe solution. Head to your favourite streaming platform and experience Manchester in a completely new light.

From Marvel blockbusters to big Netflix productions, Manchester has a tendency to attract enormous film crews.

Sure, you may know that Manchester is often used to mimic the streets of Manhattan, but our rainy city has so much more to offer too!

To keep you company while social distancing, here are some top films and TV shows filmed right here, in the heart of the city we’re so proud to call home.

The Stranger

This mini-series is a mystery-thriller about how a revelation from a stranger unleashes a web of lies and secrets within his family, spiralling his life into turmoil. Scenes cut dramatically between Salford and Ancoats as the main character pursues a dramatic quest to discover the truth about the people in his life.

As a Mancunian, you’ll be able to spot The Central Library’s Archways, Bolton School, the Cathedral, Spinningfields, Ancoats Coffee Co, and a £1.5m house on Didsbury Park. Keep your eyes peeled to see where else you recognise, there are loads more.


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The Crown

Although currently unreleased, this crowd pleaser has used Stevenson Square and Dale Street to transform the Northern Quarter into New York City. Embellished with yellow cabs, entrances to the subway system and appropriate storefronts, Manchester was transformed into the city that never sleeps.

These scenes feature Princess Diana on a trip overseas, so keep your eyes peeled!

Captain America: The First Avenger

It was the 1940s and a barefoot “super-soldier” was running through the streets of Brooklyn.

Except. it’s actually 2010, the barefoot lad is Chris Evans (the American one), and they’re really in the Northern Quarter.

Like many movies before them, this Marvel favourite chose Manchester’s Northern Quarter to depict New York City. Between all the explosions and fast-paced chase scenes, you’ll be able to recognise Dale Street and although the film is suited with fake storefronts, you’ll be able to spot Finlay’s Warehouse and restaurant, Tariff & Dale early on.

Peaky Blinders

Despite being set in Birmingham, this period piece is now synonymous with Manchester. The series films across Greater Manchester’s boroughs and has been a welcome addition to the city.

Starring Cillian Murphy, the show follows a criminal gang avoiding the police’s pursuits. Victoria Baths in Chorlton-on-Medlock has become familiar in the series for many tense scenes as well as the Northern Quarter’s Dale Street, Mangle Street, and Back Piccadilly. If you’re looking for a show to binge-watch, you won’t run out of Manchester locations to spot.


This show was not only filmed in Manchester but based here too! This comedy series follows the Gallagher family on their questionable escapades for eleven seasons.

Despite being shut down by the council in 2013, The Wellington Inn, on Clowes Street in West Gorton was used as “The Jockey”, a staple pub in the series.

While in-studio filming took place at The Pie Factory in Salford, you’ll still be able to spot some local backdrops like Wenlock Way in West Gorton and Miles Platting. Scatter!

Queer as Folk

Here’s another Manchester-based classic! This time following the daily lives of three gay men. Honouring Manchester’s buzzing gay culture, this 1999 series shows off Canal Street and the LGBTQ+ community we’re proud to have in our city.


Still yet to be released, this Marvel film starring Jared Leto gives the back story to one of Spiderman’s enemies. Naturally, their choice to film in the Northern Quarter only means one thing – transforming our city into the Big Apple once again.

With such a big budget, this summer blockbuster is expected to release on July 31st. So when we’re allowed to open our doors, we’ll see you at Vue on opening night for popcorn and a Tango Ice Blast!


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