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Start 2024 right and take part in Veganuary. Whether you want to be more ethically conscious, reap the health benefits, or simply see what all the fuss is about, Printworks can help you try veganism this January – you might like it so much you’ll stick to it all year!

The number of people fully embracing Veganism has increased dramatically over the past few years and it’s down to the development of all the fantastic meat-free alternatives that are now available out there! Recently, there has been an explosion of plant-based foods available to make the transition a lot easier, even for the meatiest of eaters!

Veganuary Specials…

Wagamama guests know that every Veganuary they can expect new and exciting plant-based flavours to nourish them. And this year is no exception as they launch their Lion’s Mane ‘Steak’ Bulgogia! The smoky Lion’s Mane mushroom gives it the ‘steak’ element and is drizzled with korean barbecue sauce, all served on top of udon noodles cooked with aubergine and caramelised onion in a sweet & salty amai miso sauce. Finished off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and garnished with kimchee, spring onion, red chilli, and coriander. With half their menu being meat-free, there’s still so many more vegan dishes to choose from at Wagamama! Try their take on a Korean street-food favourite with new Vegan K-Dogs made from soya protein and coated in a crunchy noodle crumb. Enjoy even more mushrooms with the King Oyster Mushroom Skewers starters coated in a sticky red chilli and miso glaze. Go for a warming Korean-inspired broth with the Tofu Hot Pot full of soft and silky tteokbokki, butternut squash, mangetout, bok choi, kimchee, and red onion, finished with a drizzle of chilli oil. And if your looking for a cooling contrast to any spicy bowls, add on a side of Snow Onion Slaw – finely sliced white onions coated in a creamy vegan mayo and sprinkled with red pepper powder for a mouthful of relief!

Hard Rock Cafe are kicking off the New Year with some fresh, plant-powered dishes on their brand-new Veganuary Menu! Consider your tastebuds tempted with mouth-watering meat-free options and get ready for a month of indulgence without the guilt! Starters include the Courgette and Guacamole Bruschetta and Cauliflower Wings, with plant-based mains like the Moving Mountains BBQ Stack Burger, the Moving Mountains Tacos and the Quorn Tenders Salad – all flavour-packed delights that proves no meat, no problem! Or perhaps you fancy fully embracing the month of vegetables with their Quinoa Mexicana Salad or the Mushroom Primavera Pasta. And top it all off with a classic dessert of Sticky Toffee Pudding with a dollop of vegan vanilla ice cream. Hard Rock’s special Vegan & Vegetarian menu will be available from January 3rd to January 31st.

Wetherspoon are introducing the Beyond BBQ Stack Burger this Veganuary! Featuring a Beyond Meat plant-based patty, BBQ sauce, onion rings, iceberg lettuce, tomato and red onion, all in a vegan brioche bun and served with chips. You can even enjoy this meal with a soft or alcoholic drink included! Available throughout Veganuary from 1st-31st January. There is also a range of other vegan dishes on offer all year round, with vegan menus available – just look out for the vegan symbol to see which meals are vegan friendly.

Vegan Options…

Frankie & Benny’s have got you covered with their range of mouth watering vegan dishes! They’ve teamed up with 3 amazing companies to bring you meat-free alternatives to some classic American-Italian dishes. The popular Biff’s Vegan Wingz, (made from Jackfruit) can come as a sticky BBQ starter or smashed on the Vegan Stacker Burger – one of those oh-so-delicious comfort meals that might just leave you a little messy! There’s also the Vegan Hot Dog which comes fully loaded with fried onions, chillies, BBQ sauce & vegan mayo, the Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese topped with soya mince in a delicately spiced tomato sauce, and the Vegan Pepperoni Pizza which comes with toppings of vegan spicy & smoky pepperoni crumb, roasted red pepper, chilli, fresh basil and vegan mozzarella. Add a side of Lava Fries for a spicy little extra – chilli seasoned fries, vegan cheddar sauce, red onion, spicy sriracha, chilli & spring onions! Vegan never tasted so good! Check out the full menu now!

Switch it up this January and surprise yourself with a meat-free Mexican fiesta at Chiquito’s! They offer some classic Mexican dishes, with a vegan twist, with starters, mains, sides and desserts that will leave you spoilt for choice! Start your vegan meal with the Jackfruit Birria – pibil pulled jackfruit in mini quesadillas filled with vegan cheddar and mozzarella and served with coriander & pink onions, all ready for dipping in a rich gravy! Then move on to the Drowned Burrito – quite literally drowning in their signature ancho sauce! It’s filled with Oumph! and veggie chilli to rock your taste buds, all topped off with cheesy vegan mozzarella and Oatly fraiche, (like creme fraiche, but made with oats instead). Then finish strong with an amazing Chocolate dessert that has all the comfort, without the dairy – a Deep Fried Choc Ice! Chocolate chip ice cream wrapped in a chocolate tortilla, deep fried and covered in chocolate sauce and strawberries. It’s almost too much chocolate to comprehend!

We all know Nando’s is the home of Peri-Peri Chicken but did you know about their vegan alternatives already on the menu? The Great Imitator Wrap contains their Peri-Plant strips that are made from pea-protein but taste just like their famous Peri-Peri chicken. Served with plant-based garlic perinaise, lettuce and chilli jam. It’s such a good imitation, you won’t notice the difference! Or you could opt for their Spiced Chickpea Patty with a mix of chickpea and spinach with hints of cumin, coriander and turmeric. You can choice to have it in a soft tortilla wrap, a toasted pitta or as a burger in a bolo do caco. Then it’s loaded with houmous, red pepper chutney, pink pickled onions and lettuce. Delicious, healthy and Vegan! If you’re really feeling the healthy vegan diet then there’s always the Rainbow Bowl. Warm spiced grains and long-stem broccoli with houmous, rainbow slaw, pickled golden carrot and a sprinkle of seeds. It’s all about the variety of colours that makes it full of nutrition as well as flavour!

Switch to the Vegan Bratwurst at Bierkeller – full of plant-based power! Traditionally topped with ketchup, mustard and onions in a crispy bread roll and garnished with sauerkraut, of course. You can make it more of a treat by adding a topping of Vegan BBQ Pulled Oumph with vegan cheese & crispy onions to make it more of a messy dog – napkins provided! Alternatively, you can grab a snack of Vegan Currywurst Loaded Fries whilst you watch the match instead, topped with sliced vegan Bratwurst, curry ketchup sauce & madras curry powder. Or why not grab a bucket of Vegan Wings? Go for 5 or 10 crispy fried plant-based wings served with your choice of sauce form Maple & Bourbon BBQ, Franks Red Hot, Jamaican Jerk, Mango & Habanero, Siracha, or just Naked. No matter whether you like ’em hot & spicy or sweet & sticky, you can get your wings the way you want – and all meat-free!

Go Vegan this month at Printworks!


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