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Bierkeller’s world-famous Oompah Shows are back, and there’s a hell of a lot of swayin’, clinkin’, drinkin’, dancin’, cheerin’ and stompin’ for us to catch up on.

But what’s an Oompah Show about? For those of you who haven’t yet joined us for one of our Stein-chuggin’ evenings of authentic Bavarian beer drinking, then you’ve been missing out.

An Oompah Show is just about as traditional as it gets, and you’ll be stomping your feet all evening to the catchy beats, tubas and trombones of our resident in-house Oompah band, the Stompin’ Steiners.

Our Bierkeller locations set up super-long benches for that historic Bavarian Bierhaus feel, and you’ll get bonus points for dressing up in lederhosen and ordering a round of Steins for everyone on your bench.

The Oompah Band – all dressed up in their lederhosen – start playing from 8pm on a Saturday, but you’ll want to set up on a table early to get those Der Stein Cocktails in first!

Our Hamburg, Berlin and Munich packages allow you to reserve your seat or book an entire bench for your mates in advance. You can even book out the front row for the best seats in the Bierhaus.

The Oompah Band plays Bavarian songs and German takes on classics all night. You’ll soon be clinkin’ Steins with everyone in the Bierhaus, as the Oompah Band keeps the crowd entertained until the early hours of the morning.

Oompah Shows are about three all-important German traditions: drinking, eating and dancing.

Our Oompah Show packages include reserved seating, as well as food and drink, but how much dancing is there? Well, that’s up to you. We play the music; you do the dancing.

Different Oompah Show packages include different beers, food and drinks. The basic Hamburg package includes our speciality Haus Beer or a glass of Prosecco to get you started, as well as a pretzel roll and our beer cheese dip.

The Berlin package upgrades your Haus Beer to a Stein or includes a Stein of cider or a cocktail bowl. You’ll also get skin-on fries or beer-battered onion rings, with your choice of dips.

The ultimate Oompah Show package is the Munich package. This not only gets you a front-row bench at the Oompah Show but sets you up for an impressive evening of eating and drinking.

The Munich package includes a Stein of premium German beer or one of our best cocktail bowls, as well as a delectable platter of German-inspired dishes. You’ll be gorging on hog roast sliders, crispy chicken schnitzel bites, chicken wings and beer-battered onion rings all through the show. Oh, and to top it off, we throw in a Jägermeister miniature too.


Steins and Der Stein Cocktails

Of course, you’re not limited to your food and drinks package. Rest assured that 1-litre Steins of beer and cider are flowing through the night.

Our lederhosen-wearing servers are on hand all through the Oompah Show, serving up Stein after Stein to thirsty drinkers on the benches.

Here at Bierkeller, we have a huge range of authentic German beers on tap too – as well as all the classic beers you’d expect to find on a night out.

We also serve up a huge selection of wine, bottled beers, ciders, Prosecco, champagne and more. If you really want to impress, then order a round of Der Cocktail Steins. Served in our signature Stein-sized cocktail glasses.

Hamburg – £12 per head

Bierkeller bench reserved for the show or event Glass of prosecco or Haus beer to get the party started Warm pretzel roll with beer cheese dip

Berlin – £18 per head

Bierkeller bench reserved for the show or event Ice cold Stein of Haus beer, cider or cocktail Bowl of skin on fries or beer battered onion rings with ketchup & mayo dip

Munich – £24 per head

Front row table reserved for the show or event ICe cold Stein of Edinger Weiss, Warsteiner, premium bier or cocktail Beer food!!! A delicious platter including mini hog roast sliders, crispy chicken schnitzel bitesbrat in blankets sticky chicken wings, beer batter onion rings & dips Jägermeister miniature