The January Sales are Here!

The January Sales are Here with the Printworks App! 📲

We know it can be a tough time after Christmas has been and gone – the decorations come down, the celebrations are over and it can be leave you counting down the days till payday. To keep your spirits high Printworks are offering some fantastic deals to help you save those pennies and get you through what seems like the longest month…

Download to Double your Money 💰

If you haven’t already downloaded the new Printworks App, where have you been! You’ve missed out on some amazing offers, rewards and games, but don’t fret – there’s still time to download! And it may have been worth the wait as you can Double your Money when you download the app in January! For all you newbies that sign up, you’ll have an exclusive January Sale reward waiting for you. Grab yourself a £20 Printworks Gift Card for just £10 and Double your Money! But hurry, there’s only a limited amount of rewards available, so don’t miss out!

All you have to do is download the Printworks App and Sign up to create your user profile. Head to the Rewards Tab and select the January Sale Double your Money Reward. The just swipe to Redeem your Reward! You’ll get an email with your unique discount code sent out within 48hrs, so you can order online and get your Printworks Gift Card posted to you.

How to Order your Gift Card

Once you’ve redeemed the reward through the app, you’ll have instruction in the email on how to order your gift card online, along with your unique discount code and the expiry date. Then just follow these simple steps to get that £20 gift card for just £10…

  • When you receive your email, click on the ‘Get your Gift Card’ button to take you to the Printworks Gift Card page on the Town & City Gift Cards website. Please note: your unique code will expire on 03/02/24.
  • Select a £20 Gift Card and click Add to Bag.
  • Click checkout, continue to delivery, and complete your shipping and billing details (any shipping costs will be discounted to zero).
  • Continue to the billing, and in the ‘Have a coupon’ section, click to enter your unique discount code from your email. Click ‘Apply Coupon’ and your total (including shipping) will be discounted to just £10!
  • Submit your payment details, and you will receive an order confirmation email and your Gift Card will arrive via post in 3-5 working days, ready to spend at Printworks.

50% OFF January’s Rewards 🎁

Those that already have the app won’t be missing out on our January Sale though – we’ve offering all our existing app users 50% off January’s Rewards! That means that you’ll only need half the number of points to redeem this month’s rewards throughout the whole of January. Check out the tempting rewards available and head down to Printworks for some half-price treats! And don’t forget, there’s new rewards available each month so keep collecting those points and enjoying those freebies!


  • You must create an app profile in order to interact with the points & reward scheme.
  • The ‘Double your Money’ reward is only available to new app users that created a profile on or after 1st January.
  • Only one ‘Double your Money’ reward can be redeemed by a single app user. This reward is one per customer and any order with suspicious activity or suspected fraudulent use will not be processed.
  • The gift card is only available to use at selected venues at Printworks Manchester, excluding Yates and Meena.
  • This reward is subject to availability with a limited number available.
  • Once redeemed, you will receive an email from Printworks MCR with your unique discount code and the gift card link up to 48 hours from redemption.
  • Your unique discount code will expire on 03/02/24 and this date will be stated in the email. You will need to order your gift card before the code expiry date in order to receive the discount. If you do not order your gift card within this time frame, we cannot offer you a further exclusive reward.
  • This ‘Double your Money’ offer is an update to the cardholder terms and conditions. Once ordered, you gift card balance will expire 6 months after the date of purchase.
  • The gift card has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • January’s rewards on the app will only require half the number of points to redeem them throughout January. Rewards must only be redeemed in-store in front of a member of staff in order to be accepted. Please refer to each individual reward for the specific terms & conditions for that reward.
  • Printworks reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.
  • If you have any issues, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]


  • Q. I cannot see any rewards on the app, how can I find this reward?
  • A. You can only interact with the points & reward scheme on the app if you have created a profile, including your email address. The ‘Double your Money’ reward will only be available to new app users that created a profile on or after 1st January. The reward can be found in the rewards tab in the exclusive rewards section. Select the reward and swipe to redeem.
  • Q. How many rewards can I redeem?
  • A. You can only redeem one ‘Double your Money’ reward.
  • Q. Is this Gift Card only valid in the Manchester Printworks?
  • A. Yes. The Gift card is only valid to use at the Manchester Printworks location. The Gift Card is not valid at any other site.
  • Q. Is this Gift Card available to use in all venues in The Printworks?
  • A. The Gift Card is available to use at all Printworks venues, excluding Yates and Meena.
  • Q. Can I use my unique code in the venue to redeem this reward straight away?
  • A. Unfortunately, there is no way for the venues to use the unique code in order to take a payment of £20. You need to enter your unique code online when you purchase your Gift Card. When you receive your Gift Card, you will then use this like a pre-paid card, swipe it on their card machine, and the venue will receive their payment of £20 from the Printworks Gift Card.
  • Q. Who do I contact if I haven’t received my unique code?
  • A. If you haven’t received the email from Printworks MCR containing your unique code and link, please double check your spam-junk folder or contact [email protected]
  • Q. Do I have to pay for postage?
  • A. No. The Gift card is sent out via post but you will not have to pay any shipping fees. Any shipping fees applied when purchasing the Gift Card will be removed when you enter your unique code. See Step 4 on ‘How to order your gift card’.
  • Q. I’ve entered my code but my payment was declined and now my code won’t work when I try to re-order my Gift Card?
  • A. Please contact the Gift Card company on [email protected] to resolve any issues during the payment stage. They can check your order status and issue a payment link to continue processing your order.
  • Q. How long will it take for my Gift Card to arrive?
  • A. We estimate 3-5 working days.
  • Q. Can I cancel my Gift Card if it arrives too late?
  • A. Unfortunately, once the Gift Card has been posted we can no longer cancel it.
  • Q. Can I get a refund?
  • A. Once your Gift Card has been ordered we can no longer issue a refund.


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