Student Funfair!

Roll up, roll up, the Printworks Funfair is coming to a Uni near you! 🎪

Calling all freshers, students and alumni! Printworks is heading to Salford University and MMU this October with a funfair of activities, games and freebies!

As Manchester welcomes a brand-new haul of fresh-faced students to the city, we want to bring Printworks to your university doorstep! Showcasing our range of top leisure activities with lots of interactive gaming and prizes to be won! Students can try any of our top 5 games that will give them a taste of what the Printworks has to offer, then spin to win with the Printworks App.

We’ll be at Salford University (Chapman Square) on Monday 23rd October, all day from 9am-5pm and at Manchester Metropolitan University on Tuesday 31st October, all day from 9am-5pm.

Fun at the Fair 🎈

We’ve created a funfair to showcase our leisure activities with mini versions of some family favourites! Have a go at Putting Golf to see if you can traverse the tropical trails at Treetop. Try your aim with Foam Axe Throwing before you head to Boom Battle Bar for the real thing! We’ll also have Friends favourite Table Football, along with Air Hockey which is similar to the Shuffleboard you can play at Bierkeller. We’ve even got that American classic, only supersized – Printworks Pong! Try it dry with the big red cups before you head to Printworks where you can impress your mates no matter what your tipple of choice – be it beer, cider or presecco, there’s a pong for everyone!

Spin to Win! 🎁

Well of course you can win prizes – what kind of fun-fair would we be if you didn’t? But don’t worry about trying to hook a duck or knock down a tin with a coconut, we’ve got something much better in mind… a giant Spin the Wheel game! You simply spin to win – absolutely no skill needed and everyone’s a winner! Get in!

Oh and forget carrying an oversized teddy bear around with you or the full responsibility of a pet goldfish (in a bag), our big prizes can actually fit right in your pocket…with the Printworks app! All prizes and freebies can be redeemed through our app so, if you haven’t already, you can scan the QR code on our giant mobile to get downloading. You’ll also find plenty of amazing offers and student deals available on there too – very handy to boost that student budget of yours!

Then give the wheel a mighty spin and you could win points, prizes, & freebies! Including delicious food, drinks, games and tickets from various Printworks venues. If you’re lucky, you might land on the Double Your Money and get a £20 Printworks Gift Card for just £10! Or you could bag yourself an extra 200 points! That’s enough to spend on this month’s delicious rewards.

So don’t be shy, step right up and give it a try!


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