First LED Screen
goes Live!

It’s all coming together as the First LED Screen goes Live!

The renovations here at Printworks are well underway and digitalisation is the key! As part of the extensive upgrade, ADI have installed the first in a series of large-format LED screens and digital signage.

ADI are a British company with 30-year’s experience in spectacular LED technologies, event production and creative content services, which are used worldwide. They develop pioneering, future-proof concepts by some of the biggest names in sport, live entertainment and retail, to inspire viewers and excite crowds, or transform spaces and public places.

For those less tech-savvy Printworks patrons, you may not have noticed the new screen as it has simply replaced the existing digital display above the main entrance on Withy Grove. However, the new 112m2 screen is larger with a higher resolution and is part of Ocean Outdoors’ DOOH network. It features ADI’s new 6mm MT Series product, ensuring this prominent platform will now offer exceptional image quality and clarity for full-motion adverts!

With Printworks enjoying around 8 million visitors annually, and significant passing footfall, the screen is a premium site for brands targeting affluent consumers, tourists and city-workers. There will be big brand advertising as well as updates & events from Printworks itself, all displayed above the entrance.

As you may or may not know, it is ADI who are delivering the extensive digital installation programme across the exterior and interior of Printworks. So you can expect more of the same high-quality display when the new digital ceiling is unveiled!

We’re all excited for the Digital Upgrade & Refurbishment – it’ll be like living in the Future!

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