Lagos 2 Printworks with Yetti’s Kitchen

Get your Afro-Caribbean Flavour Fix now at Floripa with the welcome addition of Yetti’s Kitchen

With a splash of Brazilian flare, and after huge success in Shoreditch, Floripa is Printworks Brazilian Cocktail Bar know for its bright, colourful interior, up-tempo beats, and dancing & entertainment 7 nights a week – and now its home to the massively popular Yetti’s Kitchen!

It’s about time we got to try some tasty new flavours ranging from African, Caribbean, Nigerian and even British food, with a Yetti twist, of course!

Yetti’s Kitchen is big on taste and fragrant spices, leaving your taste buds asking for more from the signature Jollof rice, Curry goat and the flavoursome charcoal grilled Chicken to the irresistible Smoky Suya. They also have a great Vegan/Vegetarian range for those who wish to eat healthy and meal plans for those counting the calories, with all the Meat and Chicken provided by Halal Certified Butchers.

A little bit about Yetti…

Chef Yetti Tabai is behind Yetti’s Kitchen and has many feathers in her cap! She’s not only an amazing chef, but also an entrepreneur, a mentor, a musician, and an advocate for the homeless.

Chef Yetti founded her love for food, by serving delicious meals from her home via a delivery-only service, originally called Come Chop with Me, located in Milton Keynes.

She opened Yetti’s Kitchen Restaurant and Bar in Eccles in October 2018 with the goal of serving a distinct range of African and British family-style menu of tasty, bold flavoured foods with a global influence. All set in a fun and lively restaurant that integrates great food and movies to watch per table in the restaurant. To enhance the experience they also offer a selection of alcohol from around the world as well as alcohol distinct to Nigeria.

The brand has since grown, and now offers Catering of Nigerian, Caribbean and British food for public & corporate events, and are even delving into the world of inflight meals!

As an entrepreneurial business, Yetti’s Kitchen also helps multiple individuals and companies with setting up their own restaurant business. Yetti now offers personal Mentoring Sessions in the form of 30 minute Zoom video calls answering all your questions from general business & food business, to Marketing, Websites, flyers, and food delivery platforms! There’s also helpful YouTube videos on Yetti’s Kitchen’s own channel YK Youtube where she shares her own experiences as well as useful tips and behind the scenes videos.

Yettis Kitchen is also involved with several charitable acts and organisations. As Chef Yetti was once homeless, back when she was studying in Luton, she has taken it upon herself to help Manchester’s homeless by offering free hot meals once a month, every month.

This is why they say, Yettis Kitchen is more than Food, its a lifestyle!

What’s on the Menu @ Floripa?

Yetti’s Kitchen have designed a new menu specifically with city-centre diners in mind. Starting off simple, but with the aim to add more delicious meals to the menu, you can enjoy this Lagos-2-Printworks taste experience at Floripa.

Start your meal right with a staple in the Nigerian diet – the soft & sweet plantain! Famously know as the big daddy of Bananas, it looks like a Banana, but tastes better! Try the Plantain Bruschetta with a topping of cream cheese, fried stew and edible gold (just to add that little extra pizazz).

For the main event, there is no other contender – it has to be the famous Smoky Nigerian Jollof Rice. This delicious taste sensation is straight from Lagos and comes with a choice of toppings…

Ewa Aganyin – pronounced Eh-wah-gan-yeen, is a popular street food made of soft, mashed black eye beans with spicy optional shrimp sauce and served with sweet Agege (a-gay-gay) bread. Take away the shrimp sauce to make this a tasty vegan dish!

Fried Hake Fish – a succulent white fish, (part of the cod family, but far superior!), is seasoned to perfection with Yetti’s Kitchen’s signature spices, giving you a light but tasty fish dish.

Rum Chicken Tenders – Everyone loves a chicken tender and with a hint of sweet chilli, garlic, ginger notes and Caribbean rum, it’ll be the flavoursome crispy batter that will leave you wanting more.

Jerk Chicken – Probably the most well-know of Caribbean dishes, this succulent chicken is marinated for over 24 hours for that distinct Yetti’s Kitchen taste. Perfect for that Afro-Caribbean mash-up you’ve been craving! You can have the breast or leg, we don’t judge – it’s all delicious either way!

Can’t wait to try it?

Yetti’s Kitchen will be available at Floripa every Wednesday to Sunday, from 12pm til 9pm – head down to get your flavour fix now!

I think we know where our new favourite spot will be – sitting under the florals, sippin’ on a Caipirinha, with a plate of Jerk Chicken and Jollof Rice, chilling to the beats of Brazil…

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