The Manchester Flower Festival

We hosted a floral celebration like no other, with help from Real Housewives of Cheshire, Lauren Simon!

A Floral Wonderland

This weekend, we transformed into a botanical haven as we celebrated the return of the Manchester Flower Festival. The event featured interactive workshops and immersive floral animations on our new digital ceiling, creating a truly magical experience for our guests.

Hats off to Lauren!

Printworks’ gaming area was transformed into a stunning oasis by David Wayman Flowers, where up to 100 visitors engaged in exhilarating rounds of competitive gameplay hosted by Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Lauren Simon.

Adding to the Instagrammable moments, we featured our own flower cart, welcoming the first 250 guests with complimentary bouquets, which they could use to claim fantastic discounts at various venues across the complex.

Throughout the day, guests participated in a treasure hunt for freebies as well as enjoyed a free flower arranging workshops under Europe’s largest digital ceiling!

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