Mother’s Day gift cards

The Guilt-Free Gift for Mum!

Ever heard of Mum Guilt? With 77% of mums saying they’ve felt guilty about spending money on themselves, it’s a big issue! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to banish the Mum Guilt and get her something she’ll really appreciate this year. A Printworks gift card is that practical gift for mum to actually treat herself, with the choice of a fun time with friends, catching the latest movie, enjoying a delicious meal, and much more!

Time for Mum 💅

If there’s one thing mums would love more of, it’s time! Over a quarter of mums say they get just 15 minutes a day to themselves and wish they had more time for themselves or to spend with friends. A Printworks Gift Card gifts mum the chance to pencil in time just for her. Whether it’s having a much needed catch up with a friend over a cocktail or two, or a delicious date night meal with dad, give your mum the gift of time this Mother’s Day.

The Gift of Choice 🎬🍴⛳

Some of the top items mums feel guilty spending money on are nights & days out, meals out and health & fitness activities. So before you reach for that same old Mother’s Day gift you get every year, have you thought about what your mum REALLY wants? Whether it’s a fun time with friends, catching the latest movie or a delicious meal, it’s all possible with a Printworks Gift Card. And all without that dreaded Mum-Guilt!

Practically Perfect 💳

When money is tight and finances are stretched, mums will often prioritise children’s needs over spending money on themselves. Let’s make Mother’s Day the exception! Gifts that can be used in a practical way are a great way to counter the cost of living crisis. Rather than just giving her a beautiful but ultimately useless bouquet of flowers, you could give your mum the chance to treat themselves with a Printworks Gift Card!

Treat Mum to a Printworks Gift Card!

More than a Gift Card…

Your Printworks Gift Card is more than a gift card – it’s time for mum, it’s a gateway to all kinds of experiences that mums really want and need, and it’s a chance for mum to treat herself. You can select any value from £20, £50, £75 or £100 to load up your Gift Card and can even add a personalised message for Mother’s Day! As a physical Gift Card you can either have it posted to yourself to give to your mum in person or have it sent straight to your mum’s door. The Gift Card simply works like a standard pre-paid Gift Card and is valid across all venues within Manchester Printworks (excluding Yates). She doesn’t even have to spend it all in one place either – she can spend a little here, a little there, and make it the gift that keeps on giving! Order yours now to get it in time for Mother’s Day.

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