Printworks Heroes

Let’s celebrate the unsung Heroes of Printworks!

Printworks is home to hundreds of staff members from waiters to managers, cleaners to security guards, with everyone helping to make your visit one to remember. So we think it’s about time to give something back to those that deserve some recognition for their hard work! Each month, we’ll be giving at least one Printworks staff member a bundle of goodies to show how much we appreciate all that they do. Whether it’s outstanding customer service or always bringing the positive vibes, our venues can nominate a fellow team mate for any reason why they think they deserve the title of Printworks Hero. We’ll even be giving out extra awards (and goodies) for special months throughout the year…

International Womens month for March ♀️

We celebrated our female Printworks staff throughout the month of March as part of International Womens Day! From those that were girl-bossing it, to those simply making every day special, there was a whole bundle of goodies given out to these Printworks Heroines.

Pride month for June 🏳️‍🌈

We support all our staff members that are part of the LGTBQ+ community and are proud to offer a safe work environment to everyone at Printworks. We celebrated all the hard work that our heroes do to make this community feel welcome, both members and allies, this June!

International Mens month for November ♂️

We’re celebrating our male Printworks staff throughout the month of November as part of International Mens Day! From those that manage the most throughout the month, to those that manage a smile everyday, there’s a bundle of goodies on it’s way to the Hero Men of Printworks!

Get involved!

That’s right, you can have your say too! Whether you’re one of the regulars and they make you feel like one of the family, or you’re expectations have been smashed with one staff member in particular making a great impression. If you want to nominate a member of staff for excellent customer service, just let the manager know why you think they deserve the Printworks Hero Award this month!

Check out the latest staff members to be crowned Printworks Heroes…

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