World Mental Health Day

Get Talking about Mental Health this World Mental Health Day!

This year, World Mental Health Day falls on Tuesday 10th October. It’s all about raising awareness of mental health and driving positive change for everyone. It’s also a chance to talk about our mental health and what we can do to help look after it.

Mental health issues can affect anyone and everyone, but research shows that talking about it is good for your mental health. The Mental Health Foundation are encouraging you to hold a Tea & Talk event. It’s is a great way to come together with friends, family or colleagues to raise money and awareness for the cause. Head to their website to find out more and start planning your event with a free downloadable pack and resources.

We’ve gathered a few simple tips to help improve your mood and wellbeing, all in an effort to support positive mental health…

Attend an Exercise Class 🤸🏼‍♂️

As our bodies and minds are connected, moving our bodies with exercise of any sort is a great way to improve our mental health as well as our physical health. Exercise releases those lovely ‘feel good’ hormones that can reduce feelings of stress, along with improving sleep, boosting your self-esteem and helping you concentrate too. The best kind of exercise is simply the stuff you enjoy!

Nuffield Health have a huge range of exercise classes, from calming yoga to fun & fast Zumba, that is sure to get those mood-boosting hormones flowing! Swimming is also a great exercise whether you want to do fast-paced lengths, a spot of aqua aerobics, or just float around! Then you can add some self care in the form of a sauna visit.

Loose Yourself in a Film 🎬

There’s many ways our mental health can be affected by our everyday life, whether it’s a stressful job, money worries or something else that has been niggling away. But it’s important to still find your joy and a little escapism with the latest blockbuster release can give you that hit of dopamine you’ve been chasing!

Vue cinema offers escapes into whichever world you like, from sci-fi to romance, action to comedy, and everything in between. They can take you to the theatre, stadium or arena with their big screen events, all from the comfort of a luxury recliner chair. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a visit to somewhere far beyond your own imagination, films can transport us from the everyday to anywhere you’d like!

Play with Friends 🎳

Similar to exercise, (although many of us wouldn’t class it as that), playing fun activities with friends can have just as good an effect on your mental health. Not only are you moving your bodies to get the good hormones flowing, but you’re surrounded by your chosen people that help you to enjoy yourself. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get talking about mental health with the people you love and trust.

Whatever your friend group is into, there’s always a mood-boosting activity that can make you laugh and smile. Whether is hitting the Arcade games at Tenpin, traversing the tropical course at Treetop Golf or letting off some steam with the axe-throwing at Boom Battle Bar. You don’t have to be perfect or even any good, as long as you have the best company with you. And if you just want to be a big kid again, why not jump into that big ball pit at Bingo Balls!

Dance to your Favourite Music 💃🏼

Music can have a profound impact on our mental health. It can help us to release emotions, bring back memories, appreciate the written word and entice us to start dancing. They say the secret to life is to dance like no-one’s watching – just feel the beat and let your body do the talking! All that physical movement and joy brought about by your favourite tune can be a great way to lift your spirits.

Everyone has their own favourite style of music that gives them that get-up-and-dance feeling. Whether it’s club classics at Cargo, reggaeton vibes at Floripa, or Bavarian twists on pop hits at Bierkeller, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! It’s the perfect way to shake off any negativity and let the music wash over you.

Eat some Healthy Food 🥗

Diet can have a huge impact on your mental health and making sure you are getting all those essential nutrients can help maintain your body along with your mind. Apparently, you are what you eat, but really, it’s all about the balance. Fresh food with the odd treat here and there is a great way to keep your body full of the good stuff and, in turn, help towards a healthy mentality. Experiencing a wide range of fruits and veg, and enjoying your favourites meals too can make a healthy diet not feel like such a dirty word.

There’s all kinds of cuisine to choose from to excite your pallet, from spicy fajitas at Chiquito to warming ramens at Wagamama to vegan varieties at Frankie & Benny’s. Even that cheeky Nando’s isn’t so bad when you look at their selection of colourful sides! Whether it’s just a case of being hangry, or a lifesytle change for the better, diet is a great place to start.

If you are struggling with mental health please visit the Mental Health Foundation for support.

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