Printworks admissions policy

Boring but important:

Printworks is private property under the control of Printworks Centre Management. Members of the public are allowed into the scheme only for the purpose of using the on-site restaurants, bars and clubs, cinema and leisure facilities and are subject to the ‘Centre Management Admission Policy’.

A word about children…

Children should be supervised at all times. The conduct, behaviour and safety of all children is at all times the responsibility of parents or guardians.

Occasionally we might refuse entry. Why?

Centre Management or their agents, at their discretion, may refuse entry to or require any person or persons to leave the scheme for any of the following reasons:

Any person or persons who commit a criminal offence within the scheme or its grounds.

Any person or persons who commit any act of criminal damage or deface any property in the scheme or its grounds.

Any person or persons who use foul or abusive language, obscene chanting or racial abuse.

Any person or persons throwing any object within the scheme, running in the scheme.  Boisterous or bad behaviour by visitors is prohibited.

Any person or persons who use roller skates, scooters, motorised cycles, skateboards, or bicycles to ride through the centre.  Bicycles may be pushed but not ridden inside the scheme.  Bicycles left unattended inside the scheme are forbidden.

Any person or persons who wears a motorcycle helmet/crash helmet or balaclava style headwear including a hood.

Any person who refuses to co-operate with a requested bag search (including delivery persons).

Any person or persons who by their actions and behaviour could be construed as constituting a danger, nuisance or annoyance to others.

Any person or persons who distribute leaflets or any kind of literature both inside the scheme and within the entrances to the scheme.  Depositing litter other than into the waste bins provided is prohibited.

Any person or persons who bring into the scheme any animal, other than guide dogs unless authorised by centre management.

Any person or persons who smoke inside the scheme after being asked to cease from doing so.

Any person or persons who obstruct any fire corridors, exits, entrances, staircases or lifts other than at the instruction of centre management or emergency service personnel and refuses to move or the misuse of life saving equipment.

Any person or persons found in possession of a radio or other sound emitting equipment, including light emitting equipment, also including laser pens, which is a source of nuisance or annoyance to others.

Any person or persons who attempt to gain admission to or is found within a section of the scheme designated for ‘staff only’ without authority.

Any person or persons who consume intoxicating liquor other than inside the licensed premises or another designated area.

Any person or persons considered to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or prescribed /non prescribed drugs that compromises the safety of themselves or others including the security of the scheme.

Any person or persons who commit any other act deemed to be offensive or compromise the safety and security of the scheme, staff, visitors or customers as reasonably defined by the centre management or their representatives and agents.

Any person or persons required to leave the scheme must do so immediately and may be given a notice excluding them from the scheme.

In all areas and cases where any criminal act has taken place, the police will be asked to attend.

By Order of Printworks Centre Management

In other words, please enjoy yourselves and be nice to others!

Thank you.

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