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150 years as an iconic building in Manchester and now our £21 million transformation has been completed. Printworks has relaunched as the home of the largest digital ceiling in Europe. Welcome to Manchester’s new world of entertainment.

Printworks has revealed a stunning 1,000m2 screen on its ceiling, the first of its kind in Europe. The centre has been transformed into an immersive, interactive digital family-friendly space with state-of-the-art digital screens flooding the central walkways with colour and sound. The experience is free of charge for our guests to enjoy and must be seen to be believed.

The press saw the screen unveiled at 7.30am this morning and our fabulous re-launch party will take place tomorrow night!

Visitors will experience a fully immersive and interactive environment on a scale not previously seen in the UK.


The transformation of Printworks is the result of five years work spearheaded by DTZ Investors along with a creative team of architects, brand and destination specialists, artists and digital media creatives.

Nine actors, eight dancers, six dogs, four rabbits, three snakes, three swimmers, two tarantulas, one baby and one Coronation Street star were all filmed for over 250 hours to create the content over 12 months. In addition, stunning CGI content includes cute, but mischievous, creatures, journeys through space, jungles and stunning, playful pieces which will run throughout the day and night in specially programmed times.


“This transformation is truly ground-breaking as a screen of this size has never been installed on a ceiling in Europe and it has created a spectacular, free, public show that people of all ages can enjoy. This will be a game changer for Manchester and offer something unique, the likes of which can only be seen at Freemont Street or The Sphere in Las Vegas. We are responding to consumers’ desire for immersive experiences and see Printworks as leading the way in using digital technology.

We have created a best-in-class entertainment destination on a scale never seen in the UK or Europe. We have moved with customer trends to provide more daytime activities, competitive socialising and an unrivalled family day out as well as still offering exciting night time venues.

Ben Haller | DTZ Investors


Further refurbishments include a giant 210 square metre piece of public art by Alex Sylt, which was chosen by the people of Manchester in a public vote, as well as a panel of expert judges including Norman Cook, (Fatboy Slim).

A digital gaming screen has been added where passers-by can use their phones to play multi-player games against each other. Plus, a complete refurbishment externally and internally, including spectacular entrance gateways. In addition to the building renovations, Vue Cinemas has invested £6M improving its guest experience by installing luxury recliner seating to complement the 20 newly refurbished screens at Printworks, the largest cinema complex outside of London.


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Mother’s Day gift cards

The Guilt-Free Gift for Mum!

Ever heard of Mum Guilt? With 77% of mums saying they’ve felt guilty about spending money on themselves, it’s a big issue! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to banish the Mum Guilt and get her something she’ll really appreciate this year. A Printworks gift card is that practical gift for mum to actually treat herself, with the choice of a fun time with friends, catching the latest movie, enjoying a delicious meal, and much more!

Time for Mum 💅

If there’s one thing mums would love more of, it’s time! Over a quarter of mums say they get just 15 minutes a day to themselves and wish they had more time for themselves or to spend with friends. A Printworks Gift Card gifts mum the chance to pencil in time just for her. Whether it’s having a much needed catch up with a friend over a cocktail or two, or a delicious date night meal with dad, give your mum the gift of time this Mother’s Day.

The Gift of Choice 🎬🍴⛳

Some of the top items mums feel guilty spending money on are nights & days out, meals out and health & fitness activities. So before you reach for that same old Mother’s Day gift you get every year, have you thought about what your mum REALLY wants? Whether it’s a fun time with friends, catching the latest movie or a delicious meal, it’s all possible with a Printworks Gift Card. And all without that dreaded Mum-Guilt!

Practically Perfect 💳

When money is tight and finances are stretched, mums will often prioritise children’s needs over spending money on themselves. Let’s make Mother’s Day the exception! Gifts that can be used in a practical way are a great way to counter the cost of living crisis. Rather than just giving her a beautiful but ultimately useless bouquet of flowers, you could give your mum the chance to treat themselves with a Printworks Gift Card!

Treat Mum to a Printworks Gift Card!

More than a Gift Card…

Your Printworks Gift Card is more than a gift card – it’s time for mum, it’s a gateway to all kinds of experiences that mums really want and need, and it’s a chance for mum to treat herself. You can select any value from £20, £50, £75 or £100 to load up your Gift Card and can even add a personalised message for Mother’s Day! As a physical Gift Card you can either have it posted to yourself to give to your mum in person or have it sent straight to your mum’s door. The Gift Card simply works like a standard pre-paid Gift Card and is valid across all venues within Manchester Printworks (excluding Yates). She doesn’t even have to spend it all in one place either – she can spend a little here, a little there, and make it the gift that keeps on giving! Order yours now to get it in time for Mother’s Day.

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Beat the Blues!

January can feel like the longest month of year, what with the decorations coming down, the longer wait for your pay-check and all the general post-Christmas come downs. In fact, Monday 15th January is known as Blue Monday, often regarded as the most depressing day of the year, and is associated with feelings of sadness, low motivation, and a lack of energy. But do not fret! Blue Monday has actually become a day for promoting mental health awareness and self-care. So in the spirit of positive wellbeing, Printworks have a mood-boosting new game to help you beat the blues…

It’s time to play📱

The Catcher game is back on the Printworks App! And even better – it’s absolutely FREE to play with an UNLIMITED number of plays per person! All you have to do is swipe to control your blue bowl and catch as many of the yellow balls whilst trying to avoid the red balls. Pretty simple, right? Use your unlimited plays to build up your high score and the player with the highest score at the end of the month will win a £100 Printworks Gift Card!

You’ve got as many plays as you want to up your score and your chance to win! Plus you’ll have lots of fun playing and can always get your mates involved for a little friendly competition too. The Catcher game is available to play on the Printworks app from Monday 15th January – Wednesday 31st January. Good Luck! 🤞

Not got the Printworks App?

No worries! Simply download the App now on iOS or Android. Create a profile to start earning points, redeeming rewards, and playing games!


  • You must create an app profile in order to interact with the games and reward scheme.
  • Game plays are free and unlimited from 15th-31st January 2024
  • The player with the highest score after the game ends will win a £100 Printworks Gift Card, to be collected from Printworks. The prize will show as a reward on the app to the one winner. The winner must swipe to redeem this reward and will then receive an email with prize details and collection instructions within 48 hours.
  • Gift Card prize cannot be swapped or exchanged for any other prize, has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Printworks reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.
  • If you have any issues, please contact [email protected]

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Go Dry this January

Reset with 31 alcohol-free days!

After a month of festivities and parties, make this January a dry one for a total body and mind reset. From better sleep and a mental health boost, to saving money and time, it’s the perfect start to the New Year! Dry January doesn’t have to mean you miss out on social gatherings and enjoying a bevvy with your mates though. You can just opt for the low and no alcoholic drinks on offer…

Dry January Specials

Boom Battle Bar are bringing you a tasty Lyres line up for Dry Jan! 0% ABV, 100% FUN! Lyre’s Pink London Spirit is a non-alcoholic pink gin that’s perfect for this time of year! Have it in the Berry Fizz with the addition of berry syrup and soda water, or the Pink Royale for a low alcoholic option mixed with Martini Riserva Rubino and cranberry juice. Or why not try the Orange Spritz made with Lyre’s Italian Orange non-alcoholic apertivo, lemon juice and lemonade. If you’re looking for a delicious fruity drink to enjoy whilst you play some games, you can always go for the Mango & Lychee Cooler or the Strawberry Lemonade. Boom also have some 0.0% bottled beers to enjoy including Birra Moretti zero and Heineken Zero, as well as Old Mout Berries & Cherries cider and Lucky Saint at 0.5%.

Yates are embracing Dry January with their non-alcoholic serve of the month: Tanq 0.0% & Tonic. Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of a Tanqueray Gin & Tonic but alcohol free! So if you’re taking part in Dry January or simply looking for a good old fashioned gin & tonic without feeling guilty for wanting to sip one at any time of the day, head down to Yates!

Mocktails, Low and No

Wetherspoon welcome back their annual January Sale, including low-alcohol and alcohol-free drink options. Choose from ErdingerBrewDog Punk AFStella ArtoisHeineken 0.0Kopparberg Strawberry & LimeAdnams Ghost Ship and Beck’s Blue. Enjoy the same great taste just without the handover!

Bierkeller are offering up some alcoholfrei cocktails along with a selection of 0% bottled of beer this Dry January! Enjoy a guilt-free celebration sipper and still stay dry with these mocktails. Try the refreshing Preiselbeere Spritz with ginger beer, citrus, & pineapple, or go for a Light Drizzle with cranberry and 0% prosecco. Try the classic with a twist, a Flirt on the Bench with orange, cranberry, & passion fruit, or a cocktail fan’s favourite, the Passion fruit Marti-no with passion fruit, lemon, and 0% prosecco.

Prefer the taste of beer to cocktails? Try Bierkeller’s range of 0% abv beers and ciders. For 0.0% abv try a bottle of Peroni Libera 0%Stella Alcohol FreeBavaria 0%, or Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime cider. Those with 0.5% abv or less include Erdinger AlkoholfreiGhost Ship Alcohol Free, and Stowford Press cider.

Frankie & Benny’s make a mean mocktail – perfect for those that want a fancy drink minus the alcohol! Go for the Frankie’s Fruit Punch with a fruity mix of orange and pineapple juice & grenadine, or the refreshing Amalfi Sunrise with mango puree, orange and lemon juices and a splash of grenadine. They also have a few favourites with a dry twist including the Soft Popstar Martini made from Gordon’s 0% gin, passionfruit puree,
pineapple juice, vanilla syrup & lemon juice, and then served with a shot of Scavi & Ray alcohol-free Italian fizz! Or you can go for the simple flavours of a Gordon’s No-Gin & Tonic with Gordon’s 0% gin and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic with notes of rosemary & lime. Frankie’s also serve bottles of Peroni Libera 0% beer and Scavi & Ray Sparkling fizz by the glass or bottle.

Hard Rock Cafe are offering up some alternative rock mocktails this January! With 3 classics and 2 new mocktails you’ll be spoilt for choice! Try a refreshing muddled Strawberry Basil Lemonade, a tropical blend of mangos, strawberries, pineapple & orange Mango Berry Cooler, or the Mango Tango with Red Bull, mango and orange juice. As part of the Veganuary menu, Hard Rock have come up with some delicious new mocktails to further wet your appetite. You can be as cool as a cucumber this Dry January and enjoy the Cucumber Mint Lime Press, made with fresh lime juice, agave syrup and cucumbers all muddled together then served over ice and topped with Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic and mint sprig for garnish. Or spice things up with the Chilli Lime Pineapple – a mix of pineapple Juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and fresh jalapeños combined together and poured over ice, then topped with Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic and spicy lime wedge garnish! They also offer the non-alcoholic Corona Cero bottled beer too.

O’Neill’s are now serving up Guinness 0.0%! So you can still have your favourite pint, just without the alcohol. Other alcohol-free beverages available at O’Neill’s include Heineken 0.0Peroni 0.0Brewdog Punk IPA alcohol free, Adnams Ghost Ship low percentage 0.5%, Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime alcohol free cider, and Tanquery 0.0 gin. So grab yourself a low or no alcohol drink and enjoy a spot of sport, live music or just a good craic with your mates!

So try going Dry this January!


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